Antique Tables

Manufactured as early as the 1860's, antique pool tables built in the United States during the 19th and early 20th Century reflect a dazzling variety of styles, materials and woodworking techniques. While the styles can be recreated, many of the materials found in these beautiful furniture pieces are no longer available. Brazilian Rosewood, Ivory, Circassian Walnut, and African Ebony are but a few examples of pool table materials now found only on antiques. Our antique tables are priced fully restored, with a complete accessory package and local delivery/installation. We can arrange to have your table installed anywhere in the world. Please contact us for delivery/installation options if you are outside the Southern California area.


Brunswick Anniversary

Brunswick Arcade

Brunswick Eclipse-8ft

Brunswick Medallist

Brunswick Monarch

Brunswick Newport

Brunswick Popular

Brunswick Regina



Sport King








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