Adler Contemporary Collection

Our Contemporary line boasts a unique and varied collection of original and "inspired by" pool table designs. Tables shown in metal are clad in Stainless Steel, never aluminum; cladding on the Oracle and Silverwood legs is seamless.

Adler Vintage Collection

Our Vintage Collection features authentically replicated 18th, 19th, and early 20th Century tables, built from scratch (not assembled from pre-made parts mass produced overseas), and duplicate not only the look of the originals, but the construction as well.

Adler Custom Collection

The Adler Custom Gallery was created to showcase our ability to work to a client's specifications, or to execute a customer's design from a sketch, drawing or photograph. The Gallery also illustrates a few of the many variations possible on our standard line, as well as a few non-pool table products we have built from time to time on special request.

Antique Tables

Manufactured as early as the 1860's, antique pool tables built in the United States during the 19th and early 20th Century reflect a dazzling variety of styles, materials and woodworking techniques. While the styles can be recreated, many of the materials found in these beautiful furniture pieces are no longer available. Brazilian Rosewood, Ivory, Circassian Walnut, and African Ebony are but a few examples of pool table materials now found only on antiques. Our antique tables are priced fully restored, with a complete accessory package and local delivery/installation. We can arrange to have your table installed anywhere in the world. Please contact us for delivery/installation options if you are outside the Southern California area.

Budget Friendly Tables

These imports are attractive, built to last, and contain many of the same high quality features of our made to order custom manufactured tables. The tables carry a limited lifetime warranty, include your choice of cloth color, and offer a variety of optional accessory choices.

Used Pool Tables

We maintain an inventory of used pool tables, our own, as well as those made by other manufacturers. All used tables are offered refurbished, with accessories, and at discounts of up to 70%. Delivery and installation in the Los Angeles area is included in the price. Please call for a shipping quote if outside the Los Angeles area.

Wall Pool Cue Rack Collection

Though able to serve on their own as independent pieces, many of our pool cue racks incorporate design elements found in our line of pool tables. As with all of our hand-crafted products, your pool cue rack will be built to order and is offered with the same (essentially unlimited)wood and finish options as those offered with our tables. We are also happy to quote on customer provided pool cue rack designs.

Standing Pool Cue Rack Collection
Adler Accessories Collection
Refinishing Services

We offer over 50 years of experience restoring and refinishing pool tables and accessories. The service is comprehensive, and can range from simple refinishing of parts, to complete restoration including replacement of exotic veneers, moldings, carvings and inlays. A complete pictorial portfolio is currently being developed for the site. Please call for details on price, shipping, pick-up and delivery, etc.

Pool Table Moving and Refelting

We maintain a full-time crew of experienced, highly skilled pool table movers and installers, who understand that rugged construction does not mean rugged handling. We have over 50 years experience servicing all sizes, brands and styles of pool tables, billiard tables and snooker tables. We will deliver a pool table anywhere in the continental U.S. and install a pool table anywhere (well, almost anywhere) in the world. Our services include pool table refelting, refinishing and repair. Our prices are competitive, and our service is prompt, expert and performed with a smile.








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