Antique Pool Tables - Custom Pool Tables

Adlers was begun in 1957 by Harold Adler, a plumbing supply salesman who, after buying a pool table to enhance his teen-age daughter's social life, subsequently sold it at a profit.  Sensing that he had found a market niche, he began buying and selling used pool tables in his spare time.  He soon quit his job, and with his wife Kay, opened a small store near downtown Los Angeles.

The couple quickly noted that the most requested tables were antiques and that the problem was supply, rather than demand.

There was not then, nor is there now, a reliable, steady source for antique pool tables, so, in 1962 the Adlers began reproducing the old tables, concentrating primarily on Brunswicks built in the 19th century.  The Adlers were unique in reproducing not just the look of these tables, but the construction as well, and quickly developed a local following, particularly among celebrities. Some early Adler customers were Judy Garland, Kirk Douglas, Rex Harrison, and Gregory Peck.  Although our customer base has expanded dramatically in the intervening years, Adlers still boasts a substantial list of familiar names.

From these beginnings we have grown from a largely local firm, to a national company with dealerships in ten states, and a small but growing international clientele.  Although we have over 20 tables in our line, we are still essentially a boutique firm, building only to order, customizing a number of our tables for the interior designers who regularly order from us, and building five to ten completely one of a kind tables a year.  We continue to expand quietly, adding no more than two to three dealerships each year, in order to preserve our ability to maintain the craftsmanship which has been our trademark for the past 55 years.